We are a millennial owned Canadian firm. Our brands are based in managerial consulting and in media industry.

Our mission is to ignite and catapult once-thought-impossible visions for everyone that we serve through our brands.

Whether it’s a major company goal, personal goal, life changing moment, or even something off of a personal bucket list, our brands are there to be a part of it.

Our Values

Self Expression

Creativity and expressing ideas take the top priority, rather than following the formulas.

Constant Improvement

We're consistently improving and innovating to serve the market.

Conscious Capitalism

It’s about impacting the major stakeholders and environment as a whole while holding highest ethical standards.


Our actions match our words. We don’t promise or offer to do anything that we can’t follow through on to the end.


We don’t just believe in one-time wonder solutions. We opt for best-for-long-term approaches.

Fair Compensation

We believe that all employees / contractors / team members are entitled to fair and competitive wages, contingent on their skills and performance.

Our Team

Our firm’s headquarter is in Ottawa, Canada, but our fully-remote team operates from all over the world across many different timezones.


Community Partnerships

We want to give back to our community in any way we can. Whether as a sponsor, volunteer, we welcome partnerships with non profit + charitable organizations that focus on one of 3 areas:

Arts and Culture

Social Services

Animal Welfare

If your charitable organization fits either of these categories, please contact us below by clicking "Get started" and telling us more!

Our Brands

Here are the brands we house under Clairly Creative International.

Allennials at Work

Allennials at Work is a HR consulting firm dedicated to helping large organizations attract, engage and retain millennial and gen Z talent with ease.


Whalie is a public figure / musician brand that's been ranked as one of the top 5% social media brands (according to Klout).

Looking to join our dream team?

Take a look at our careers page for available positions. Please note that our revamped career page is still under construction.

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